Tips How To Build Fast & Easy Professional Landing Page Elementor For Free

Tips How To Build Fast & Easy Professional Landing Page Elementor For Free – Landing page has purpose for bost & grow your sales from your ads. Other than that Landing Page Elementor also can introduce your brand identity or your about business.

Usually, many people lose more time for build Elementor Landing Page, well therefore I have secret trick to build Elementor Landing Page for fast & aving time.

On this occasion I will learn you step by step to build professional Landing Page Elementor just for free, and I also give you landing page elementor template for free. So, Lets learn.

1.Chose And Define Color For Your Brand Identity.

For first you need to chose and define color for your brand identity, this can save your time to build landing page elementor.

If you not have color, you can chose one on this site for inspiration or you know any site for inspiration chose website color pallet.

2.Define Font For Typhography

In this second step you must define font for your landing page elementor design, because for saving your time to build landing page elementor & setting global style.

After that you can follow this step for setting global style for saving time.
  • Create Page On Landing Page Template
  • Then edit with elementor
  • Chose Heading widget then drag and drop to section.
  • Duplicate from H1 until H6
  • Chose text widget then drag and drop to section.
  • Chose button widget then drag and drop to section.


This way for step setting Heading Font, Text paragraph, button, coloring.

Click on widget heading H1 – h6, then click style > pencil icon > set font what you want > Font size 60px for H1, 45 px for H2, 35px For H3, 25px For H4, 20px for H5, 17px For H6 Line height 1.3em. For TAB set font size 50px for H1, 35px for H2, 30px for H3, 23 px for h4, 17px for h%. 15px for H6. For Mobile 35px for H1, 25px For H2, 23px for H3, 20px for H4, and not set for H5 & H6

Click on text paragraph which has been made, and set font what you want.

Click on button which has been made, set color what you want and font also what you want. For size set to 15px font. Then set padding to 15px top bottom, 30px left right.


Then you need Global section For One column & Two Column

This step has purpose to fast & easy build section to section for your landing page elementor design. This way can saving your time and also setting global website responsive without trying second work.

1.Create section for one column.

Create section for one column and then set top & bottom padding to 100px and 0px for left right, for TAB you can set 50px for top & bottom padding and 15px for left right padding, this set alson can for mobile. Then Right click on center of set section > Save For Template > Give name “ Section One Column”.

2.Edit Section One Column to Two Column.

After that, add one column more to section and set padding right 50px for left column and set padding left 50px for right column.

Then move to TAB view, setting first column to 100% & 0px all padding. Then setting second column to 100% and set 25px for top padding. Then Save For Template > Give name “ Section Two Column” .

3.For any style you can try that step & save your section for global template.

Okey, that is Way & Step to setting global styling template for build elementor template fast & saving time. If you need to download our free Elementor template you can follow this link to get Freebies Template. Thankyou


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